SEMINARIO: “Semi-analytical modeling of non-stationary fluid-structure interaction: framework, validation and applications”

24-26 Aprile 2018,  ore 09:00 – Aula Galileo Macroarea di Ingegneria.

Il seminario è  stato organizzato dal Prof. Marco Biancolini e sara’ tenuto dal Dr. Serguei Iakovlev
The semi-analytical methodology developed over the past decade for modeling the interaction between submerged structures and high-frequency, non-stationary loads such as shock waves and pressure pulses is discussed. First, the theoretical framework based on the use of the classical methods of mathematical physics is outlined, and the challenges that were encountered while developing it are highlighted. Then, the validation of the framework against a number of available experimental datasets is addressed. Finally, the application of the methodology to a number of problems of industrial relevance is discussed. Applications to the analysis of simpler, classical systems are considered first, progressing to outlining the efforts in studying more complex scenarios (a shell filled with and submerged into different fluids, a submerged shell subjected to a multi-front shock loading, and structurally complex shell systems).
Dr. Serguei Iakovlev graduated from the St. Petersburg State Marine Technical University, Russia (M.Eng., PhD), and completed his postdoctoral studies as a Killam Postdoctoral Fellow at Dalhousie University, Canada, where he is now a professor in the Department of Engineering Mathematics and Internetworking. Dr. Iakovlev specializes in mathematical modeling of non-stationary fluid-structure interaction, mostly with application to naval architecture and ocean engineering. His research program has been supported by grants and contracts from both private and public sector.