Research topics

The scientific disciplinary sectors of the faculty personnel are as follow:
09 / A2 – Mechanics Applied to Machines;
09 / A3 – Industrial design, Mechanical construction and Metallurgy;
09 / B1 – Processing technologies and systems;
09 / B2 Industrial mechanical systems;
09 / C1 – Machines and systems for energy and the environment;
09 / D1 Science and technology of materials.
The unifying interest is the innovation in the mechanical industrial sector.  The research curriculum focuses also on creation of new materials or structures, design and construction of new concept machinery and products, new manufacturing processes at sustainable and achievable cost, planning of optimal industrial processes for the entire cycle of existence of the products. This means paying attention not only to the design ideation, but also to the functionality and durability of a machine or product, to the complexities inherent in the manufacturing process up to considering the reusability of the machinery or components and the possibility of recycling the manufactured products. Industrial innovation in the mechanical field requires the development of new materials, the refinement of new numerical and experimental methods for the design and functional and reliability study of integrated mechanical systems, the development of efficient operating machines, the prototyping and optimization of manufacturing processes.
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