Educational objectives

The doctoral program was launched from the XXX cycle of Italian doctorates (Academic year 2014/15) at the Department of Enterprise Engineering “Mario Lucertini”.
Our doctoral program trains students in the advanced research skills necessary for an in-depth knowledge of different and adjacent areas of industrial engineering such as mechanical design theory and simulation, innovative industrial technologies and materials, operations management, solar energy.
The program covers different research topics and allows the acquisition of multidisciplinary skills through a coherent scientific method based on the synergy between theoretical modeling, forecasting, experimentation, data interpretation and search for optimal solutions. These activities are always involved in product innovation, in manufacturing technologies and in the improvement of production processes.
At the end of the three-year period of study, it is expected that the Doctor of Research owns the scientific skills and experience required to lead technological innovation activities, both in the context of research centers or in any case of excellence, as well as in national and international industrial environnments.