SEMINARIO: "Formula 1 Car Design, Performance and Aerodynamics"

18 Gennaio 2016, ore 09:30 – Aula Convegni Macroarea di Ingegneria.

Corso tenuto dal Prof. Marco Biancolini e dal Prof. Williem Toet.
“This lecture will consider how F1 teams design a new Formula 1 car, where the performance comes from (e.g. tyres, weight, power, aerodynamics), and then focus on aerodynamics.  We will look at the difference aerodynamics can make to the performance of the car.  We’ll also look at the main tools used for aerodynamic research, specifically, wind tunnel testing and computational fluid dynamics (CFD).  Efficient use of aerodynamic resources is now very important in F1 as the sport’s governing body limits the amount of wind tunnel testing and CFD solve time teams can use for F1 development.  We will focus on one area of the car and talk about how aerodynamic development is done for that area.
Willem will explain how and why things are done, and what is really important.”